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Welcome on Jonas Fornax' website

We invite you to discover the work of Jonas Fornax, painter inspired by mythology, symbols and religion.

After an artistic training and a childhood dedicated to drawing, Jonas Fornax studies during several years in Universities, in France and The Netherlands. During this period, he continues to paint and decides then to focus on art.
Based on symbols hidden in each of us, his paintings tell stories letting room for imagination of the public.


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I discovered the work of Fornax on Facebook. Between biblical scenes and alchemic wanderings, I was seized by the atmosphere of the paintings. I find in them a rare capacity to go deep into our collective subconscious, revealing our feelings and our ideas. Some of the paintings are quite hermetic whereas others opens up on a common landscape. But all are on the edge of the spirit, where the imaginary flirts with the memory.

Visually, I love Fornax's paintings for their incredible texture. A mix of softness (Birds), silkiness (Pilgrimage...) and harshness (Mineral Canto). But moreover I like the contrast they show with the world that they depict. A multicoloured world peopled with inhuman forms that you are about to discover...

Pierre René